Kansas City Business Brokers

What makes us different?

There are tons of benefits to working with the best Kansas City business brokers. We don’t like to boast but we do go above and beyond for you, our clients. We make sure that your experience with us is one that you will talk about positively for years to come. We drive innovation in the business brokerage industry and help our clients benefit from all of the positive sides of bringing technology into the industry.

Here are a few things we bring to the table for our clients that many brokers do not:

  • Benefits of working with the largest brokerage firm while receiving individual and personal small town like service. Call us for an appointment at your convenience so we can meet. Then you’ll understand.
  • Critical, time sensitive in house brokerage services completed on schedule without relying on unpredictable 3rd parties.
  • Open and frequent communication maintaining a transparent relationship is what you deserve. You need to know the status of your listing and ongoing updates and changes need to be made by us to keep the businesses information accurate and current.
  • We are the only Kansas City business brokers that utilize an in-depth, proactive marketing plan for each listing including a SWOT analysis, strategic buyer acquisitions, buyer text blast, email updates, blogs, electronic newsletters and social media promotion including:
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. All of this exposure while keeping the sale of your business confidential.
    • Reaching the largest audience without Social media is not an option in today’s world. You don’t need to understand how it works but you understand the magnitude of its influence.
    • Combine high tech with a high level of personal service and you don’t have to choose one over the other. We get it! We provide (and you deserve) the best of both worlds.
  • A great first impression by presenting your business using a professionally designed template prepared to inform and educate potential buyers. This Business Summary presentation will also be used when buyers present the business to banks for commercial loan proposal.
  • Closing documents prepared neutrally for your councils review, keeping legal costs to a minimum.
  • Access to unconventional loan opportunities unknown to most brokerage firms giving buyers multiple options to finance the purchase of the business.
  • Maximized business listing exposure through more than 30 business for sale web sites, sale information distributed to 150 Murphy office locations and to industry affiliations and its members keeping the identity of your business confidential. In today’s market more than 20% of all transactions are to individuals who are relocating outside of their current market area.
  • Access to industry tools including industry specific benchmarks, comparable businesses (comps), exit and tax liability reduction analysis, multiple level and purpose valuations, certified professionals including a nationwide commercial real estate department.
  • Assistance to buyers is critical to the transaction. 55% of businesses sold today are to first time business owners. Preparing a dynamic loan presentation, completion of the loan application documentation and distributing this information into the hands of multiple banks is vital to the sale of your business. Real estate & lease negotiations, licensing & government regulations, referring professionals during the due diligence period of the purchase are all in the normal in the scope of our work.  SBA reports over 50% of all loan request are rejected due to incomplete loan documentation and inadequate information. This one statistic a sure sign that buyers can benefit from the assistance of an intermediary.
  • Access to a tax reduction analysis report, a powerful tool giving information on multiple selling scenarios and methods of structuring the sale of the business that could more than pay for the brokerage fees associated with the sale of the business.

Our Commitment is to You

Chris is passionate about getting client results. Building a business is hard work. You have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your business. We understand because we have owned businesses ourselves and know what it takes. It’s no easy task. Every business that is listed deserves and receives a tailored service.

As the top Kansas City business brokers and business intermediaries, we are your local experts in buying or selling a business. Why settle for a broker that does everything and specializes in nothing when you can work with the best nationwide team to leverage decades of experience in your industry and find yourself the perfect solution.

Preparation and Presentation

Every business listed receives a comprehensive business valuation. A brief, two page business listing description is prepared which is the first information a potential buyer receives after qualifying financially and signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement. If the buyer continues to show interest and the business is a good fit, the buyer receives a professional business memorandum or an executive summary which is a full color.

Qualifying Buyers and Sellers

Buyers – Any prospective buyer interested in a business listing must complete legally binding non-disclosure agreement that protect private information about your business and the fact that your business is for sale. Buyers are also qualified financially.  If a potential buyer does not have the financial resources to purchase a business they are not given information on the listing. We can easily implement qualifying criteria for any business depending on the circumstances.

Sellers – We do not list every business an owner wants to sell. It must be a good fit for all parties with similar and reasonable expectations. If we are not the right intermediary for you and your business, we will give our suggestions, advice and refer you to other service providers that may be best for you. We have a systematic process that gives sellers maximum marketing exposure with an emphasis on confidentiality.

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