Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

We work with clients from the very beginning, always keeping the goals of their shareholders and their best interests in mind. During our involvement we provide our clients with objective advice, coaching, and help manage the whole process, so that your focus remains with managing your company with minimal interruption.

You will gain the understanding of what you are likely to profit in a mergers and acquisitions transaction through a proper business valuation. We do all we can to help you maximize the outcome. This is done by bringing multiple, financially qualified, strategic buyers to the table who appreciate and value the assets you have created for your company.

Our network consists of skilled, industry specific specialists who work with companies and private equity groups. They also have strong ties with other mergers and acquisitions companies. Knowing that you have specialists with decades of experience participating in your high level business transaction is definitely reassuring. Priority one is serving you, our client to the fullest extent of our cumulative knowledge with a team approach and specific experience to get your deal completed successfully.

Mergers and Acquisitions Process

First off we prepare for you a meticulous offering package for your business which includes a detailed financial history. This package is approved by you before being presented to any prospects.

Business Valuation

Next in the process is preparing a business valuation, which we can do or you can have done with a third party. The choice is yours. If you choose a third party, we can give you some suggestions on who to use.

Develop Marketing Plan

Together we will coordinate and develop a strategic marketing plan to target prospective buyers for your company. These buyers can be private equity groups, HNWIs, UHNWIs and corporate buyers.

Contact Prospective Buyers

We will contact the prospective buyers on your behalf with utmost confidentiality. We do not disclose the identity of your company initially. If there is interest, they sign a confidentiality agreement and once it is received by us we send out your offering package. From there we coordinate and are present in all planned visits to help you answer any buyer questions.

Negotiate Offers to Purchase or Letter of Intent

When it comes time to negotiate we are by your side to help you navigate the choppy legal waters of a mergers and acquisitions deal. With our years of experience we can help you with all of the fine details and can even help in drafting the letter of intent or the term sheet which can be reviewed by your legal counsel as well as the buyer’s counsel.

Negotiate Purchase and Sales Agreement

When both parties are ready, we can help outline the details of the purchase and sales agreements, which often includes a detailed non-compete agreement, employment agreements, real estate lease agreements and loan agreements if you plan on providing any financing. Our vast experience in the mergers and acquisitions field allows us to easily help you coordinate all of the fine details throughout the whole process.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process should be a rather simple process as there will only be minor details in the offering package to clarify. The buyer should only need to confirm that the information we shared is indeed accurate and fact.

Financing & Funding

If your buyer has any need of capital to help with the sale of your business we can help through our network of debt financing companies or equity financing companies. This can be to help reduce the amount of financing you are expected to provide if any.

Closing & Transfer

Even up through the final close of your business sale or purchase, we remain by your side. Once if this point in the mergers and acquisitions process, if both you and the buyer of your business desire we can assist in a smooth transfer of business ownership, handling any issues that may come up.

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