Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Why do Machinery and Equipment Appraisals?

There are many reasons why you need Machinery and Equipment Appraisals done, the problem is that you probably didn’t even know that you need it! You as a business owner, attorney, lender, insurance underwriter and others unquestionably need to have the professional expertise of an independent third party for your appraisals. The party providing the service should be a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA).

We are certified from the NEBB institute to provide this service to the highest standards and with unrelenting ethical practice.

Do not rely on book value

Do you really want to put value on the word of someone who isn’t certified to properly execute Machinery and Equipment Appraisals? The answer should definitely be “No!”. Relying on a simple guess or the book value you or something someone who is not certified in such matters will be inaccurate and if scrutinized it will not hold up.

On the other hand, using a certified appraiser will assure that the proper methodology and guidelines to appraisals are carried out to determine proper value. This means that you can confidently rely on the Appraisal Report generated by a CMEA. The report is a defensible and accurate estimate of the substantiated value.

Why you should have Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

  • Every business owner has to have an appraisal done to prove insurable value, selling their business, to get financing, if they are expanding and for strategic growth.
  • The IRS requires a Certified Appraisal for CPAs. This is also required when they transition their clients from a “C” to an “S” Corporation.
  • To support a loan as well as lease decisions, lenders and bankers will need a Certified Appraisal to collateralize a loan. This is especially true for the SBA’s SOP’s program that requires such Machinery and Equipment Appraisals to qualify.
  • Attorneys have to have a Certified Appraisal with accurate and extremely realistic values that will hold up to court and IRS scrutiny.

Speak with one of our CMEAs to learn more about your specific needs and what you should expect in your appraisal.

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