Buyer Business Search

What is the Buyer Business Search Program?

The Buyer Business Search Program is a program we use to help buyer’s find the exact business they want whether the business is listed with us or not. We take the time to identify, contact and qualify the sellers of the businesses that fit your criteria.

What happens once the business is qualified?

Once the business is qualified and you express your interest in the business acquisition, meetings are arranged with you and the seller. We will also handle the due diligence beforehand and outline the eventual offers as well as purchase agreements. This takes the labor from your hands in handling the transaction details. If you decide to buy a potential business.

What is involved in the Buyer Business Search Process?

First we will work with you to get a good understanding of the type of businesses you are interested in buying. After this we will create an in-depth buyer profile for you, this will include your work experience and any specific acquisition requirements that you have, your investment portfolio will be included as well. We will use this in-depth profile when we start to contact the potential prospect list that we develop. The overall goal is to get you the businesses that you are interested in purchasing and then proposition those companies on your behalf.

How is initial contact made?

Murphy Business has a marketing department that specializes in Business Searches. We initiate contact with a personal letter from Murphy Business. Within the letter the seller of the business will be propositioned with an interested and highly qualified buyer. This gives the seller motivation to continue a talk. After this letter has arrived, we follow up with a call to verify that the letter has been received by the seller and discuss any interest the business owner may have in selling the business. Our skilled marketing department has built a very successful reputation in reaching out to businesses and talking directly with the owners. “Everything is for sale!” It just takes a skilled professional with successfully proven approach to bring the parties together.

Should the business owner/ seller contact the buyer directly, they will want to confirm that Murphy is representing them. If this happens, let them know to contact us at Murphy  Business directly with some basic details and we will continue the conversation from there.

If no contact from a potential business is made to you, then let us know and we will continue in attempting to contact the businesses that you are interested in until we understand their interest level.

How much does the Buyer Business Search Program cost?

To get started contact us and let us know that you are interested in the Buyer Business Search Program. We set our prices for the buyer search program to be affordable for you.


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