How it works-Sell your business

How selling your business really works

When you first asked yourself “How do I sell my business?”, like most business owners you probably thought that it would be as simple as taking a classified ad or listing the business online in some advertising site. You may have already tried this and gotten little response. That is because the selling process is much more involved than just taking out a listing somewhere and reaching the buyers who would be interested in buying your business is even harder. Unless, of course, you have a network of buyers searching for businesses like yours.

Selling my first business, I thought the same thing “I can sell my business myself”. The problem back then was, I had no idea how to go about it. Then I looked into working with a business broker. They showed me all that was involved in in getting my business to market.

The Sales Process in a Glance

Sell my business | The sales process

As the chart shows above, there is quite a bit of steps involved in the actual sales of your business. With a broker at your side though, I personally was able to learn what was involved in the process to sell my business. Of course, then I became a broker myself to help people like me meet their business goals.

How do I start the process to sell my business?

Starting the sales process is much easier when you work with a business broker. All you need to do is contact the broker you want to work with and they will start the process from square one. They will first give you information about their individual marketing plan for your company, interview you and then prepare you free business valuation. From there the process carries on until your business is sold. It is really that easy.

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