how much will it cost to sell my business

How much will it cost to sell my business?

This is a question that everyone asks themselves before selling their business and rightly so. What is the real answer? Some brokers charge up front listing fees but we believe we should be paid upon completion of our job with no upfront fees..

When selling your business, confidentiality is priceless! Confidentiality is one of the main reasons to use a broker. Murphy Business Brokers will market your business in such a manner that prevents your employees, customers, vendors and competitors from knowing your business is for sale.

In addition, we keep the “tire kickers” from wasting your valuable time and leaking the rumors on the street. While your business is for sale, you need to be concentrating on the most important thing: running your business. Business owners who try to sell their own business often don’t realize the amount of time involved until it’s too late. Many times diverting the business leadership can damage a businesses. This damage can occur on a greater scale if a “deal” falls through.   

If you look at the Kansas City business brokerage market, you will find Murphy Business Brokers rates to be the most competitive in the market. Murphy Business Brokers has the buying power and reach with their network of 150 office locations to keep their fee structures very competitive. Our business model is designed with low overhead keeping the costs to sell your business very reasonable. Our belief is, work hard and smart, be selective with whom you work, give great service and loyal clients will continue to build the business by word of mouth.   

Although our industry is associated with sales, Murphy’s approach is to assist and help buyers and sellers in reaching their goals. You will not encounter the high pressure sales hype or unethical shortcuts associated with some in the industry. This philosophy is why Murphy has experienced the highest closing rates in the industry for years. We promise you will not find a more complete, thorough and professional experience.

The success fee for selling a business will depend on the size of the transaction but normally starts at ten percent. We have a variable scale that reduces the commission percentage on transactions exceeding one million dollars.

For more information and to find out what the fee would be to sell your business, contact Murphy Business Broker Chris Kerth at (913) 204-1111 to talk about your particular needs.

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