Sell your business

The first question you probably asked yourself

“Would anyone even buy my business?” The answer is…YES! Most business owners don’t actually know what their business is worth. The reality is that if your business is generating revenue, then you can sell your business and there is a buyer out there looking to acquire it. Now how do you get access to that long list of buyers looking to acquire a business such as yours. This is where we come in, as long established and professional business brokers we have the network, the marketing capabilities and the know how to find the right buyer for your business.

How do I get my business sold?

Selling a business is not an overnight process, there are a lot of steps involved in getting your business presented to the right qualified buyer. To learn more about how the sales process works you can check out our “how it works” section.

Is it hard to find a buyer when I sell my business?

We can’t say that it is hard to sell your business, every business has it’s own unique advantages and it is all about presenting your business to qualified buyers that are looking for a business in your industry. Being part of the largest business brokerage firm in America, buyers trust us to present business that can present value. We have a long list of buyers that have been financially qualified and could be looking for your business.

Can I get my asking price for my business?

You can get the asking price for your business, as long as it is realistic. In fact, many business owners that try to sell their business without the help of a business broker undervalue their business. We can help you properly value your business with a free business valuation, so you can understand exactly how much your business is really worth.

Where should I start?

If you want to sell your business it is not hard to get started, we like to meet our clients, get to know them and their specific goals, so we can figure out together the best way to bring their business to market. We encourage you to explore our site or just get in touch to arrange a face to face appointment. There are never any obligations.

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