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“Chris Kerth and all the people at Murphy Business are very professional yet through our sale, we built a genuine friendship. Chris kept our best interests in mind even at his own expense. He was able to structure the sale in a way that helped us reduce our taxes. That alone paid for his services.”

– Cameron McCall, Business Owner


We knew before selling our business that we were going to incur a fairly substantial tax burden. Chris performed a valuation on the business and sent the information to a Murphy Business consultant who specialized in taxes. The consultant’s Transaction Structuring report that was produced was amazing. This 20 page report addressed every possible tax that we were subject to in relationship to our specific business entity. I felt like I understood normal income vs. capital gain but this report addressed un-recaptured gains, built in gains, social security taxes, self-employment taxes, Medicare, dividends, payroll, many consistently changing tax laws we had not consider and frankly did not understand. We gave this report to our CPA who admitted he was unable to produce anything like this and was wowed by the detail.

This report gave us scenarios on possible ways to sell the business and how each scenario impacted the sales proceeds and more importantly, the money we actually put in our pockets. When Chris found our buyer and negotiations began, the consultant was involved in each offer to show us exactly how it impacted our bottom line. It wasn’t the quick sale that would have immediately lined Chris’s pockets but the best decision that benefited us. Truly refreshing in today’s business climate.

Had we sold the business without this information, we would have paid Uncle Sam in excess of Murphy’s commission to sell the business.

I highly recommend Chris and the team at Murphy Business. Chris knows when to call in the specialists. He is knowledgeable, accommodating and has his clients best interest in mind. 

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