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“I really appreciated how easy you are to work with. You have done a good job of selling our business to the right person. You are very professional, yet we had fun! Thanks so much Chris for all you have done.”

– David Tumwell, Business Owner

My wife and I had discussed selling our business for about 2 years. We looked at the usual prospects of family members, existing employees and competitors, but were unsuccessful in finding potential buyers.

We had been contacted by a number of business brokers, but did not feel comfortable with any of them until we met Chris Kerth and Murphy Business. Chris and his team were very professional and knowledgeable in the selling process. He helped us evaluate our business and explained the selling process in simple but logical terms. We were impressed by the business valuation he provided. The valuation made it easy for us to view the business as a potential buyer. Murphy requires no upfront money to list which made our decision very easy.

During the process we had some unexpected surprises from the buyer and Chris was able to intervene and defuse what could have been a deal breaker by bringing creative options to the table that we never would have considered. We had to train the new owner for two weeks and at the end of the transaction everyone involved felt good about the outcome. I think Chris has a psychology background because he kept things light yet on track.

The entire process was quick, painless and most importantly profitable. We highly recommend Chris Kerth for anyone looking at selling (or buying) a business.

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